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Shipping Methods and Policies

Standard Delivery

  • All orders placed prior to 3:00pm local time will be shipped using standard delivery methods which is next day delivery in most markets. There are no order minimums using our Fujifilm Graphics Direct web-site and there is a $15.00 flat rate handling charge added to each order.

    Fujifilm uses a carrier selection tool to route shipments in an effective manner. Fujifilm reserves the right to make partial shipments and to ship packages through the carrier of our choice for standard delivery. * Note: Customers will be responsible for all drop ship charges associated with products not in stock in a Fujifilm warehouse.


    Expedited Delivery

  • Expedited shipping (Next Day Air, 2nd Day, Saturday delivery, 1st Overnight, Same-day, or other expedited methods) is available at checkout and all applicable charges are the responsibility of the customer.


    Hazardous material and Overweight/Oversized Products

  • Some products we carry may be considered hazardous or overweight/oversized. Shipment delivery methods may be delayed or contain additional costs not covered by our standard delivery. Please contact one of our customer service representatives for assistance with pricing or delivery options for these items.


    Winter Shipping Policy

  • Rush orders may be more difficult to accommodate during the winter due to increased chance of adverse weather conditions. Please allow the possibility of extra lead time on all orders placed during the winter months.


  • If a freezable goods shipping restriction is in place, Fujifilm will not override the carrier’s decision and all freezable shipments will be on hold until the restriction is waived. Our Customer Service Team will keep you updated on the status of your order.


  • As a result of the above, we recommend that you maintain a minimum of two weeks’ worth of stock for freezable products. This will ensure that in the event of low temperatures, you will have enough inventory to keep production going until the freezable goods shipping restriction is no longer in effect. Our Customer Service Specialists can help you order the right amount of product ahead of time by reviewing your order history.


  • Although not recommended, shipping on heated trucks is available on an as needed basis in case an order must be rushed. Since any freight charges for this special shipment would be passed on to the customer, we encourage implementing the stocking recommendation above to avoid this additional freight cost. Please contact your Customer Specialist if a quote for this service is needed.